Garden of Hope


Sallie Portnoy

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Artist: Portnoy, Sallie

Catalogue No.: 16

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Materials: Kiln fired glass, steel, found and newly forged metal artefacts
53h x 32w x 34d cm – Price: $5,600
61h x 38w x 29d cm – Price: $5,750
67h x 37w x 30d cm – Price: $5,900

‘Garden of Hope’ is a tribute to our reefs: an ode to our oceans. These luminous blooms stand as a beacon of hope for the bleached corals that they may recover & flourish once again provided we re-establish a healthy environment for them to do so.


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67h x 37w x 30d cm, 61h x 38w x 29d cm, 53h x 32w x 34d cm